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Introducing a sweet innovation you’ve probably never heard of before—freeze-dried candy! And thanks to Pacific Candy Wholesale, it’s now within reach. Picture this: it’s frozen to perfection, meticulously removing all traces of water and moisture, leaving behind only the pure sugar crystals. The end result? A deliciously unique treat that’s unlike anything you’ve tasted before. We’re proud to stock sought-after products from the freeze-drying experts at 70 Below Treats. They make us your gateway to the extraordinary world of sweet delights.

Delve into our collection and experience the magic, where familiar favorites like Skittles and Starburst undergo a transformative journey. This innovative process ensures that every bite is a burst of pure, concentrated flavor. Pacific Candy Wholesale invites you to savor the delightfully unique taste of freeze-dried candy—Canada’s frozen treat sensation is now available for you to enjoy.


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