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Searching for the perfect addition to your candy collection? Look no further because Pacific Candy Wholesale has your wholesale gel candy needs covered. Our selection is curated to grace your store shelves with an array of delightful options that your customers will love. Served in flexible plastic tubes with convenient screw caps, our treats are an experience in fruity indulgence.

Explore the vibrant world of sweet delights where we proudly feature popular and well-renowned brands like ICEE and Slush Puppie. Elevate your candy offerings with these colorful, flavorful delights that are sure to become a customer favorite. From the satisfying squeeze of the tube to the burst of fruity goodness, our gel candy is designed to bring joy to every sweet moment


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Shipping chocolate in the summer can be tricky!

Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges for melting or other damage done to chocolate products due to warm weather.