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Transport your customers to the Far East with the enticing array of Asian products, including a variety of Asian candy available at Pacific Candy Wholesale. For a truly immersive and culturally rich experience, explore our carefully curated selection that includes beloved items like Fanta Peach, Hi-Chew, and Shirakiku Ramune. Our commitment to bringing the best of Asian flavours to expatriates and enthusiasts alike ensures that your store becomes a gateway to the tastes and delights of the East.

Drive a more meaningful shopping experience in your local community by offering recognizable Asian products and candies that your clientele loves. These items not only provide a delicious treat but also serve as a connection to cherished memories and traditions. From the nostalgic fizz of Shirakiku Ramune to the chewy goodness of Hi-Chew, our Asian candy collection promises a taste adventure that resonates with both expatriates and those eager to explore new flavours.

Enhance your store’s appeal by stocking up on a diverse range of Asian candy that captivates and delights. Our selection includes everything from traditional favourites to trendy new treats, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. By offering these unique products, you not only meet the demands of a growing market but also attract a broader customer base looking for authentic and exciting taste experiences.


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Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges for melting or other damage done to chocolate products due to warm weather.