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Category: Edible Cookie Dough

Elevate your storefront’s sweet appeal by offering the irresistible delight of edible cookie dough, available right here at Pacific Candy Wholesale. Perfect for those who just can’t resist sneaking a taste of cookie dough before it hits the oven. Our edible cookie dough is specially manufactured to be enjoyed as is, creating a delectable treat that’s both safe and satisfying. Crafted without eggs, our wholesale cookie dough products ensure a worry-free indulgence. It makes them a must-have for any store looking to cater to the cravings of cookie enthusiasts.

Discover a variety of flavors and textures with our selection. Including renowned brands such as Mrs. Fields, Snickers, and Twix. Each bite promises a heavenly blend of sweetness and nostalgia. Your customers will experience the delightful reminiscent of childhood cookie-making moments.


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