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Pacific Candy Wholesale is your premier Candy Store, where an extensive collection of wholesale candy awaits. This treasure trove caters to every season and craving, making it the perfect resource for those looking to stock up. Our bulk candy wholesale options transport you to your childhood days with over 1000 products. All of them are selected to bring smiles and sweetness to every corner of your sweet shop.

Our selection takes you on an adventure around the world of confectionery. Experience a haven of treats from every corner of the globe, ensuring a diverse and delightful experience for every taste bud. From innovative creations to the timeless appeal of the Tootsie Roll, we have a lineup that will make your store a go-to destination.

Pacific Candy Wholesale is a dedicated wholesale candy supplier, offering a vast array of Canadian candy alongside international sweets. Besides, our hard candy selection is second to none, providing a variety of flavours that cater to every preference.

Not to mention, as a sweet shop that prides itself on quality and variety, we aim to transform your business into a sweet haven. That is why we invite customers to rediscover the enchantment of a candy store full of flavours and memories.

Choose Pacific Candy Wholesale for your bulk candy wholesale needs. It undoubtedly ensures your store is stocked with the best in American and Canadian candy. Our commitment to excellence makes us the ideal partner for those seeking to enhance their sweet shop offerings. Let us help you bring the magic of confectionery to your customers. Indeed, we can make every visit to your store a memorable one.


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Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges for melting or other damage done to chocolate products due to warm weather.