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Beat the stifling summer heat and keep your shoppers cool with the ultimate refreshing treat – freezer bars from Pacific Candy Wholesale. When the temperatures rise, nothing beats the icy cool sensation and deliciously fruity flavors. Whether your customers are craving the bold and tangy taste of Jolly Rancher, the classic slushy goodness of Slush Puppie, or the sun-kissed sweetness of Sunkist, we’ve got the freezer bars that will make your store the go-to destination for summer relief.

Stock up on our popular brands and let Pacific Candy Wholesale be your one-stop-shop for keeping things cool during the hottest months. Our selection is not only a refreshing way to beat the heat but also a tasty option for those seeking a delightful burst of flavor. Make your store a summer haven by offering the best in freezer bars – the perfect solution for staying cool and satisfied.


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